Architectural Design Competition for the design proposal for a nursery school building at the Municipality of Papagos-Cholargos in Athens.

The architectural competition for the proposal of the new Papagou Holargos kindergarten, organised by the municipality of Cholargos in Athens, aims to the design of a new public kindergarten according to the updated standards, the integration of the new building in the existing urban envoronment and the connection with the adjacent Cultural Center.



ClientMunicipality of Papagos-Cholargos
Architectural DesignEfi Karioti,Architect MSc
CollaboratorsEleni Samara , Architect, MSc VE, MSc AAS, DipArch NTUA, ARB, Chrysa Chatziralli, Eleni Michalakeli
Structural EngineeringIacovos Lavassas, Civil Engineer
Lighting designAthena Sivi ,Electrical Engineer MA
Landscape designChrista Lieven - Antoniou Horticulturist PhD.


The atrium acts as the building umbilicus; this is the place where parents and children are welcomed coming in every morning, where children gather for lunch and can have their break when the weather doesn’t allow outdoor play, where screenings and events are organized.


The office, the kitchen and the elevator shaft are organized in a free standing kiosk with wood panelling in the centre of the atrium allowing for circulation around it.